Entering the unemployment realm laughing

So my journey into the realm of the unemployed started on a November morning. While the rest of the world was shopping online for Black Monday after Thanksgiving, I was getting the 3 minute phone call that was going to change my world. I was told that things were tough at work and before the voice on the other end could actually tell me, I blurted out, “Holy Shit, am I being let go?” Well yes, the answer was, but it’s not “personal” and not a reflection on my professional work.

But of course it was “personal”, to me at least. After what I thought was a primal scream coming from my throat, the call ended. There was some moaning and wailing for a while. Perhaps even the gnashing of the teeth and rending of the garments, very biblical pain.  The calls were made to my fiance and my parents. And then….RELIEF. I never expected that. But about 4 hours into it, I believe I had started dancing a jig. WTF? Why was I feeling this way? I just got the big dumparoo. I was “let go” aka DUMPED so they could move my work from home job in-house. Which I think probably means someone who already has too much on their plate will be absorbing my workload. Sorry to whoever gets stuck with that.  By dinnertime I was almost euphoric. Here it was, the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Yes I didn’t really like the timing…right before Christmas, right in the middle of planning a wedding. But…..


Hey, this was a release from the dysfunction of working at small family-run company in a dying industry. And believe me, there was no “fun” in the dysfunction there. Years of  weird situations, awkward encounters, bad business decisions and inter-family tension were not my problem anymore. Yes I was free, I was released from the decaying world of the newspaper business, a business fighting against moving forward, against innovation, and against facing the reality that life moved online and no one told them. This was going to be my chance to, dare I say, make a big move?

Now I won’t lie. I did have to eat McDonald’s that day. And a few (dozen) cookies. And drink many glasses of wine. (Ok, the whole bottle.) And lick my wounds. And singing out loud to Christina Aguilera, “That’s what makes me a fighter!” while punching in the air. But ultimately a chance to find “the next big thing”. Eighteen years is a long time to be at the same place, maybe too long. I think I had become dulled and was just moving along day to day without the inspiration from a job that had long disappointed me creatively. The inner fighting was over and now here I go into the big world of…

LOOKING FOR A JOB! Or should I say in all caps, A NEW CAREER and a NEW START.

Let’s see where that leads me…..


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer Gaurkee
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 17:19:27

    It is so nice, a relief, to see my exact feelings on paper……by another human who can relate to the various feelings…….the relief, the anger, the WTF, the depression, the pick my self up and move on, the we will get thru this, the hope that your significant other can put up with you another day, the why doesnt my significant other understand my mood swings, the it will be ok and then it starts all over again! My first nite of job loss was spent crying in my wine, beer, jack & coke 2! Should never drink when feeling that way, but at least i got it all out and i could move on…..now if i could only stop hearing that tape in my head of the final words from my employer….that would really help!


  2. The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife
    Aug 14, 2010 @ 03:29:10

    Have you found a new job yet?


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