I’m not really a waitress…

I always had this fantasy when I was working and things were stressful or not going well there, that “Hey I should run off and become a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas.” That seems like a strange mantra to get you through the day, but for some reason, it worked. Maybe it was the fact that I thought, everyone loves a cocktail waitress in Vegas. People are happy to see you, you bring joy with each drink! Now that I am not working, it doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. Maybe because now I have a fiance and future stepkids and can’t really run away from it all. And don’t really want to run away from it all. I need to find that new mantra and fantasy to get me through. What do you do to get you through the working day or your unemployment?

My mantra right now is “Put yourself out there!”. But I am taking any suggestions you have for new ones!  I am putting my faith in the karma that I had always been a hard worker willing to try new things, and that I always tried to praise and support my co-workers. The universe must send that back to us at sometime. (fingers crossed) Again, it’s the whole “count your blessings” thing. I happened to watch the show “Undercover Boss” about the people who worked at Waste Management. Every episode of The Actor’s Studio with James Lipton, he always asked people, “What job would you least like to have?” and across the board it was usually hauling garbage. So I had to see who the so-called garbage men and women really were.  I was struck by how positive and inspirational all the people who worked there came across. I mean, they work with GARBAGE! And yet, they were so nice to all the people on their routes, they worked hard and they took pride in themselves and their work. It made me pause and take a moment. Being unemployed stinks. It’s not what I expected to happen. It is discouraging to be rejected by a company you gave your heart to. But if the people working at Waste Management can get their heads in the right place, surely I can.

And the adventure continues….


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