What to worry about when you aren’t a workaholic

Well, there is always a bright side to any situation in life. I try to put out the angst along with the trash on most days and I keep a few fun obsessions in my hip holster to keep me occupied. When you don’t have to put in a ten hour day, there is a lot of time to worry about the small and entertaining things in life.

I wonder if that poor Bachelorette Ali will pick Roberto. I would pick Roberto. He’s cute and his name is Roberto. I will have to go to get a pedicure to read up on Ali in US Weekly, InTouch and Star Magazine at the nail salon to see where everyone else weighs in. I also wonder how I can get a trip to Tahiti without having to humiliate myself on national tv.

I drive past McDonald’s every day and wonder how they make that delicious new McFrappe that my husband got me obsessed with. I wonder how many calories are in it and why it takes them so long to make it. If I was more motivated,  I would actually look these things up on their website but I don’t care that much unless I am driving by. I may just keep writing about the McFrappe in my blog to drive more traffic here. And it is QUITE DELICIOUS!

I like to wander the aisles of craft stores like Michael’s and AC Moore to buy things for craft projects I probably will never start. I like the possibility and the promise you find in a good craft store. I am pretty crafty but unless I have a girl’s night and invite my friends to craft with me, it will probably never come to light. I just like the high of the creative idea while standing among the scrapbook paper and glitter stars.

I take photographs. A lot of photographs. I appreciate that I have the time to wait for the perfect angle of the butterfly perching on the flower. I appreciate a sunset and a sea of big fluffy clouds in the sky that are just asking for their photo to be taken. While a lot of people are looking out of their office window daydreaming, I am actually out there. Alone, but out there with my camera.

Cookbooks are another favorite of mine. I thought it was just me who had a cookbook obsession and then I started reading the blog 101 Cookbooks and she has me beat. But I do love to look at all the photos and see what wonderful meals these chefs come up with. The photos I think are the real obsession, occasionally I make some of the recipes. But for the most part, I just love to take in the photos and imagine.

I like to plan trips I may take some day. Most of the time, I eventually take these trips. Right now, it’s hard to justify traveling while I am working part-time and don’t get paid for vacation time. I have a few trips I have not made yet but am constantly planning for. Like my big Eat Pray Love moment when I can hit Italy and eat pasta and tear freshly made bread apart and dip it in olive oil made down the road. I am pretty infatuated with Italy and I buy a lot of books about traveling to Italy and about life in Italy. I like to talk about Italy whenever I get a chance. Someday, my first novel will be about two sisters growing up in Italy even though I have never been there and I don’t have a sister. I even have a name for my novel, Songs of My Sicilian Childhood.

The list could go on and on but I think it’s nice that I have time for a little fluff in my life. The rest of the serious stuff will be back before I know it.


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