View From The Hammock

View From the Hammock

Here’s what life looks like from the hammock in my yard. The sky, the trees, every individual leaf on every branch…ah, so relaxing. It’s nice to take the time to slow down. Even when I lost my job, my first impulse was to hurry hurry hurry and get online, write a resume, sign-up for every employment website. What was the rush??!?? I didn’t even have time to process anything and was looking to move forward within four hours of hearing the news. Then, the voice in my head yelled at me and said, ”CHILL! Everything will be ok! Take time to absorb what happened.”

I think we all need to take the time to regroup every so often, even if nothing life-changing is happening to us. It’s amazing how deep of a breath I can take while laying in my new hammock. Usually most of us wait until there is some big event in our lives to take stock. I have decided from now on to schedule some time here and there to just look at my life and take it all in. Appreciate it. Curse it. Applaud it. Take it ALL in, good, bad, or indifferent. Don’t be afraid to be still, to be calm. Don’t fear the silence that comes when you are deep in thought.

We all lead such busy lives. We are ”connected” to more people than at any other time in history. Being connected with everyone and anyone via email, cell phone, Skype, and every social network possible means that a lot of the time we forget to connect with ourselves. Look at teenagers and kids today, they are totally afraid of being by themselves even for a minute. They have to be doing something, going somewhere or texting someone about where they should be going or doing. Or updating their Facebook to tell everyone how bored they are.

We shouldn’t only take time for ourselves when something bad slams into our lives like a death, divorce, financial disaster, or job loss. It is so much easier to act before something bad happens then to react while we are under duress.

Let’s remember to take the time here and there to check in with those who are going through bad or upsetting life experiences. Reach out to the friend who is grieving the end of a marriage, a pregnancy, a job, a lifestyle. They will appreciate you more than you know. We may be ”connected” to so many people with a post on a Facebook wall. But watch the reaction when you call someone to check in on them. Not texting them, not FB messaging them, but an actually calling someone, where you say the words ”How are you?”. To say them with real meaning and really wanting to help your friend get through a tough time. It’s very powerful and so helpful.

With that I leave you, so I can BREATHE in, close my eyes and just hear the sounds of my yard. I like the view from my hammock and when I open my eyes, the cool green that surrounds me will recharge me before I go charging back into the world.


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