Where was Charlie Sheen when I was unemployed?!?!


You know, Charlie Sheen may seem to have lost his mind lately, but quite frankly, I could’ve used his bravado when I was without a job. The thing is, when you have lost the identity of your career, when you have nothing tangible in the business world to define yourself, a mantra helps. WINNING! I am all on board with winning. I think positive self-talk works wonders when you have empty days to fill and a loss of job identity. WINNING! The more I read it and the more I say it, the more I LOVE IT! This guy is unemployed and controlling the media through his own private reality show, CHARLIE TAKES ON EVERYONE! Truth be told, I admire the confidence.

Sometimes it’s the craziest people who give you some inspiration. Here is the world’s top-paid sitcom star, savior of CBS, cash cow to tv commercial sales…and guess what, he’s an ass. But you know what, he is an ass on his own time. Think of all the kooks you’ve worked with, how many people you know who make less money for their company. This guy is a jerk, but a jerk that makes a lot of money for a lot of people. Unlike Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, as loaded as he was, HE SHOWED UP TO WORK. This guy loves his job, hits his mark, and then blows up in his personal life. I am not saying he is wonderful and should be left alone, but the reason he is being semi-fired is that people who produce the show don’t like him. But isn’t that the premise of his show, that he is a self-involved narcissist that abuses his body with drinking and partying and loose women? And people think it’s funny!

So, I am not saying Charlie Sheen is right or justified or that he should be let off the hook for doing drugs and making bad choices. But at least he has taken on a positive mantra, WINNING! Brilliant, I wish I would’ve thought of it. He is going to end up starting a whole merchandising brand, WINNING! Filled with Tiger Blood and other Charlie-isms. Counting the days until the website pops up where you can buy his t-shirts and hats. There is always brilliance within crazy.

All I know is that I DEFINITELY could’ve used the distraction of humor when I was down in the dumps blue about being unemployed. VIVA Charlie, ride the media tide as long as possible. Somehow I think he will come back with no problem. Hollywood loves a comeback.

In the meantime, I am still wondering if Charlie and Rose end up together….I am betting that CBS brings it back next year and I find out.


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